Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why Spain?

since highschool i have wanted to be the foreigner. now ten years later i am going Spain. for at least three months i will be working and living in Madrid, Spain. i am teaching in english through an exchange program called interexchange. i will be teaching english for twenty hours a week in exchange for my room and board. weekends will be mine to explore!

why Spain? i really do not know. but if i was forced to give a reason, i would say i chose Spain because of my desire to speak spanish and travel to Europe all in one trip. i did not want to go to Spain in a study abroad program. true, i could get college credit but i would not get the real experience. i refuse to be surrounded by american students doing all that tourist blah blah. i still needed a secure environment though. i do not speak spanish yet; there was no way i was going to drop in and say "howdy y'all!" i searched for a program that would provide a safe, secure environment and still be able to learn spanish and meet people.

everyday that passes the more excited i become!

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excited for ya babe!