Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Inspiration

even though i've had the desire to visit europe for years now, it was really just over a year ago that the desire became an obsession. i could not stop thinking about spain. i tried a few different approaches...friends of friends, family of friends, i looked into study abroad. nothing was working out. after a month i just gave up. it seemed to difficult and to expensive to worry about.

i have a favorite professor; she has been my world civ, greek history, and scientific thought professor. i love her. the best way to describe her is that i am her reincarnated. i am utterly confused at having been born again when i have yet to die. strange. one day during greek class, she went on a spill about how in europe juniors in college take a year off and travel. they do not darken the doorways of their campuses. she said if we think we are too poor now, it is even more expensive when you are not a student. students get fat discounts all over the place.

i knew it was time. when i told her how i longed to go to spain she said "ew. i hate the iberian peninsula" that was awesome. now that i am seriously going she has offered priceless advice and plans to spend time with me while we are both in london. her love of europe, travel, and just experiencing has inspired me to live my dreams.

the time is now to live the life i want.

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