Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Family

i have to thank my family. without them my trip to spain would be impossible. for about a year my parents helped me with rent, tuition, my car payment, and whatever else i needed.

my sisters all have supported me by always helping when i needed it. One let me use her frequent flyer miles so that my ticket was less than half what it would be otherwise. one has dropped my rent payment so i can save more money. they have given me gifts that will ease my preparations, and my stay in spain. they have been as excited as i am about my trip. they have given me constant encouragement.

i love you mom, dad, olivia, candida, camilla, sylvia, ivan, odessa, nina, adam, chad, and jake! thank you so much for being what i needed when i needed you!

no matter where i go in the world my family will always be my anchor.

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Sylvia said...

How about Adam? Don't you love him too?