Monday, June 30, 2008

the last few days

when i arrived on saturday i went grocery shopping with the father, javier, moved into my room, did a load of laundry, ate lunch, had a nap, and then was on the computer until chantal and javier came back from the airport with chloe and victor.

sunday was another easy day. after the family came back from church we had lunch, then nothing for the next few hours. chloe and victor both had friends over. about 7pm or so, we went to a family friends house to watch the european cup (soccer) spain verses germany. i wish i wish i would have brought my camera. all the food the hostess brought out was spectacular! i could not believe the spread. hams, fish, cheeses, of all sorts piled on top of slices of bread. and spanish omlettes. it was great to say the least.

so this might gross some of you out, but i like to eat raw bacon. Loyd will vouch for that. but its not really raw, it has been highly salted. so what do i see on the table? different types of hams that are salted but not cooked on the table to eat with your bread. i was so happy.

it was a very fun night. everyone was very friendly and eager to talk to me even though i can barely manage a correct sentence.

today, monday has been a little different. ofcourse because it is the first day that we are having english lessons. i tutor around the childrens schedules. they are very busy. july is going to be a busy month for all of us.

fyi: i´m losing weight! i eat less and less often so far. i thought i would gain weight in london with all the eating out i did, but no. i only ate 1 or 2 meals a day and then i walked so much it was incredible!
ps i have a badae in my bathroom....not sure of the spelling. i haven´t used it yet. i think i´ll video it when i do.
pictures to come.
i do put all pictures on


the narrator said...

unfortunately i can vouch for angela's taste for raw bacon. i don't quite understand it.

have you tested ht egummi bears dvds?

lucy said...

that sounds like so much fun! Salty, raw meat, sounds good right now, cancerous, but good. happy tutoring and eating of raw meat!!

Angela said...

hahaha thank you lucy. and narrator - no not yet. but soon.

Elaine said...

Ang, how can we see the other pics on picasaweb?

the narrator said...


i've heard so much about you and and bummed out that i wasn't able to meet you while you were in utah last time. you can see ang's photos here.

Elaine said...

Awesome! Thanks Loyd. Ya, I was sad we missed meeting you too..hopefully that will happen the next time 'round!