Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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quick countdown to spain! i went to the bank and bought some euros and english pounds. i bought my plane ticket from england to madrid. by the way, do not fly ryanair if you ever need to transport luggage! the ticket was super cheap, but they have fees applied to everything and you can only check 15kilograms in baggage total! that is about 30lbs. ridiculous. Although i am happy that i will have so much room for the trip back for everything i buy in spain. I will not taking ryanair back to england. i want to take the train and chunnel from spain to england.

i can not believe it is getting so close my departure date. i'm freaking out just a bit.

things i need to do: purchase international insurance (requirement of the company)
e-mail ryanair my passport number and personal info (required by spain)
purchase my student travel card
pack up my room (required by sylvia) :)
make copies of all official documents incase of emergency

so it doesn't seem like i have to much to worry about, but i'm still freaked out. i've never traveled to a foreign country before.


lucy said...

I can't believe the time has already come and Loyd just told me how long you are planning on being gone.....bummer.

maklelan said...

Congratulations Angela. I know you'll have a great time. I guess you'll be there by the time you read this message. I decided to drop by to let you know Aleen and I are expecting in January. We're pretty excited. Hope you enjoy Spain.

Elaine said...

Bye Ang. We love you!