Sunday, June 22, 2008

going going GONE!

i was supposed to head out of slc airport at 11:30pm june 18th but the plane was delayed over 3 hours so i was put on a flight with delta at 9:55 am june 19th. arriving in london heathrow airport at 7 am june 20th. it actually worked out very well. i was able to spend more time with loyd, get better rest, and completely de-stress from the packing/cleaning/ last minute details of the entire day of june 18th. man that was a crazy day!

so it is now sunday, june 22nd and i am sitting in a computer lab in london a few blocks from the flat i am sharing with janae. the last two days have been great. if you are bored in this city that means you are boring person. its amazing here! block after block of shops and food and museums and amazing architecture and more that i haven't seen! i river is amazing and the bridges never stop! i've never seen so many bridges span one river. its great.

i do know why most people are skinny here, its not from lack of available food thats for sure, but everyone walks. no reason to drive. driving is insane here. the tube (their subways) are amazing! they run every 3 minutes and they crisscross the entire city. the buses in utah are terrible. i didn't think so, maybe just under par, but no, they are a sad sad excuse for public transport. anyway...its great.

i have much more to write and say, so stay tuned. Pictures coming soon.


the narrator said...

i think last-minute packing is a bad idea. and yes, it is hella stressful. doing so, i inevitably forget something. did you?

Angela said...

YES! i forgot my contacts. ugh. let me know if you find your h2o bottle

the narrator said...

haha. your contacts are kind of a big thimg to forget (even though they are really small). after riding home, i was too beat to look for my bottle.