Thursday, July 3, 2008

science museum

the science museum was a ton of fun. for some reason i fell inlove with these two things. the ¨sarah¨from the land before time skull and the albert dice mosaic. i should have taken a picture, but there was one of those electricity clear balls where victor and i spent the most of our time. we kept shocking each other over and over. we would try different things to make the shock stronger or just feel like ants or what not.
there were all sorts of exhibits that showed different geological, electrical, chemical, and every type of science. there were lizards, crazy looking fish, a wave machine, etc.
then we went to a presentation of microscopes. we started looking at a fly and then we were looking at all sorts of tee tiny little creatures. we saw bacteria floating and amoebas...yeah it was cool. ofcourse i didn´t understand a single being in spanish. but victor is a good interpreter.


the narrator said...

is that a triceratops? my favorite dinosaur in the whole world?!?

lucy said...

Ok, in reference to the toilet a few posts earlier........Is that my toilet ya'll are talking about? Because Loyd's current toilet is really My toilet. Do I need to go inspect it. EEww.